Meet Haarkon

Top of our lists, always: impromptu trips, long-planned holidays, or weekend jaunts to the hills. We’ll take travel any way we can get it, and living, as we do, in urban jungles, instead of the verdant sort we’d like, we’re extra partial to trips (or holiday dreaming) that involve large expanses of green.

We caught up with a pair that are living our dreams, pairing travel with photography. Readers, meet Magnus and India, the twosome that run an über cool collective based out of Sheffield, England. They’ve spent a large chunk of their lives travelling to glasshouses, pavilions, orangeries and all manner of green spaces, and then they photograph them for the delight of those of us who haven’t gotten there (yet).

Here they tell us about their home, and monsteras and cacti so green that our treehouse is fading in comparison. Magnus and India answer the Nico Q&A.