Nico’s field notes: Jodhpur

Of course you know Jodhpur, but do you know JDH? This Urban Regeneration project is aiming to restore the Walled City of Jodhpur to its former glory, breathing new life into this ancient place, and helping to restore culture and commerce both to its often-dilapidated streets.

When we opened our store in Jodhpur last year, part of this citywide restoration, we made copious notes on our time in the Blue City, adding to these each time we returned. These are Nico’s field notes to the Blue City.


At Raas. Gorgeous, in the thick of the action and with impeccable service, this design-minded property marries the old and new seamlessly. Their rooftop bar is a particular favourite: sip on a gin cocktail while you watch the fort start to glow with light (cool as a cucumber is a good pick, refreshing, mildly salty and with a kick).

Umaid Bhavan Palace is another worthy choice, the home of the king and the site of a museum that walks you through the history of this city’s royal family. If you want to live like a king, pick Umaid Bhavan. If you want design and decadence in equal measure, RAAS is for you.